From Our Rector


ITU, the cradle of engineering and architectural education in Turkey, which is one of the world's oldest technical university. There are 39 undergraduate programs in 13 faculties and a master's and doctoral program in 6 institutes; many of them carry the first or only qualification in the field.

Having played a pioneering role in science and technology, our university, which has signed many principles and honors in its history of 2.5 centuries, has been the success of national and international achievements both in the art and in the sport. It is always our priority to develop the quality of "research university". İTU is the most privileged university in Turkey, with facilities provided by 360 laboratories and 13 research centers and R & D work. Hundreds of research projects are carried out in different fields such as information, automotive and energy, especially in the faculties and institutes of ARI Teknokent. The number of R & D projects continuing in ARI Teknokent alone is around 200.

The support of local entrepreneurship has also been a subject of particular emphasis in recent years, Thanks to İTU Çekirdek, İTU GATE and İTU NOVA TTO structures, it is possible to transform the ideas of students, academicians and researchers into products; national-international markets.
Having internalized the concepts of strategic management, continuous improvement and quality, ITU has become the university with the highest ABET accreditation worldwide thanks to the steps taken in this direction in its training programs.

ITU Quality Coordinator has been established as a new step of continuous improvement-development approach. The Quality Management System that will be created will lay the groundwork for more successful results in both training and R & D activities. When the management understandings of the leading universities of the world are examined, it is obvious that quality management can be done with a holistic view in accordance with institutional realities and targets. It is believed that this point of view will provide an important development for the institutionalization of our university, which progresses to the 250th anniversary.
Thanks to all ITU members who added plus value to the system ...

Prof.Dr. Mehmet Karaca